About Us


Following the sad demise of the old Bristol Community Transport – part of the HCT group – The Big Lemon has facilitated the relaunch of Bristol Community Transport services, together with most of the original team and with the support of Brighton & Hove Community Transport and the West of England Combined Authority.

In order to maintain as much continuity as possible, the services will be branded as Bristol Community Transport, with day to day operations managed by Brighton & Hove Community Transport and supported by The Big Lemon.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris with The Big Lemon team and representatives from Lawrence Weston Community Transport, CATT Community Bus and The Sprint. Picture WECA.

The Big Lemon and Brighton & Hove Community Transport are delighted to be working together to facilitate the return of Bristol Community Transport services to the streets of Bristol.

Our organisations are rooted in the communities they serve, and we are looking forward to engaging with the whole of the local community to see how we can develop services that are truly focussed on residents’ needs.

Our only regret is the circumstances under which this has happened, and the fact that many Bristol Community Transport members and passengers have not been able to travel for a number of weeks while operations ceased. However we are very excited to be able to relaunch the services, and looking forward to getting to know our passengers!

Tom Druitt, Managing Director