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Like all our services, Cinema & Theatre Club is a door to door service. We will pick you up at home, returning to your door. This is a service for people who find it difficult or impossible to use the normal bus service, including wheelchair users. Cinema & Theatre Club is a great opportunity to see some of the latest cinema releases and theatre plays and maybe some old classics at wheelchair accessible cinemas and theatres in Brighton and East Sussex.

Our trips are run to different destinations each month. To receive any update about our special journeys visit our website, or ask for our monthly newsletter by post (we ask for a small annual contribution of £6 in order to cover postage costs). You can also join our free electronic mailing list (click here) in order to receive our newsletter by e-mail. You can take a paying carer, or essential companion with you. Please contact us (by e-mail or phone) to book your place on the bus. You will purchase your cinema ticket on the day from the cinema. The transport fare does NOT include the cost of your cinema/theatre ticket.

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Pick up times and fares

Pick up times will be between 9.30am and 11.30am, and you will return home from mid to late afternoon or possibly later on the longer trips. The driver will try to tailor the trip to suit everyone. Please be aware that trips may be cancelled or curtailed if insufficient bookings are received. Extras (as lunches and entrance fees) are not included in the transport fare. The return fares range from £8 to £15 (check the table below or leaflet).

Pick up areas and timetable –

← WEST timetable (Portslade to London Rd) – EAST timetable (London Rd to Saltdean) →


We have split our City into 2 pick up areas, calling them West and EastWest encompasses everywhere from Portslade to London Road. East encompasses everywhere from London Road to Saltdean.

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