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Before completing this form, please make sure that you have read the information about MIDAS provided at our website: https://bhct.co.uk/midastraining/

Not all fields on this form are required as we know you may not have all the information at this time. However, the more information you can provide, the earlier we could arrange the booking date for you and calculate the right price.

You can use the last field to add any important information to make clear the booking you need to do or to make an special request.

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We can provide one parking bay for candidates attending the course at our premises. For groups we suggest to share the same vehicle, so we can assist. Otherwise, they need to find their own parking outside our depot. We kindly ask not to park anywhere on the car park -spaces are limited and they don’t all belong to us- Thanks!

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The course starts at 10 am and it will last depending on the number of candidates:

STANDARD4 hrs 30 min4 hrs 45 min5 hrs5 hrs 30 min
ACCESSIBLE5 hrs5 hrs 15 min5 hrs 30 min6 hrs
REFRESHER STANDARD2 hrs2 hrs 15 min2 hrs 30 min3 hrs
REFRESHER ACCESSIBLE2 hrs 30 min2 hrs 45 min3 hrs3 hrs 30 min